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I liked the flash a lot, and your style was real groovy, but the mu'fuckin whale bit was the best!

What he said.. and more!

Well, I think berlinalexanderplatz hit the nail on the head for this one. Read his review before you praise this submission for having deep emotional meaning. C'mon guys, you all know that its badly animated and massively cliche. If you think you're tired of people insulting the "true artists" of Newgrounds, I'm tired of lame viewers who like to appear thoughtful and inspired by a flash like this.

Now, as for the artist, if you truly wish to pursue such a mindlessly standard plot line about life and death, I would suggest you spend more time detailing the drawings and animations, and less time on each slide. The first picture of the baby remained for so long that I almost stopped watching then and there.

Even the style changed in the next picture. You went from nice clear slightly pulsing strokes to this kind of brushy, streaky effect with thinner strokes. This detracted from the overall quality, and turned me off to whatever happened next.

Speaking of quality, I only made out that the blocky lump of god-knows-what was a coffin! I mean, who'da thunk it? At least make things clear so we can spend less time squinting at the screen and questioning your already dubious drawing talent (or lack thereof), and more time drowning in the sappiness of your flash. On second thoughts, stick with the bad drawing. Ambiguous is still better than flat-out crap, right?

As for the girlfriends & spouses of the involved males, they were very faint and hard to make out. The yellow you chose for the girl at the dinner table made it hard to tell the gender of said person.

ReklessCreati0n responds:

Thanks for the Review Kusfraba, here is what happend....

When I animate a piece, I have a terrible habit of not finishing my works, I will usually only get to about half way done if I do full animation, then I look at it and say, well i don't like it anymore.

I decided to start this story off with simple line drawings, finish that and see where I want to go to next. I really enjoyed my storytelling in the piece and I felt that If I would have done any detail animation to the whole thing I wouldn't have finished it and it would have never been complete.

So out of artisic integrity I decided to do the line art which you saw, I went through and did the animation in the style you guys watched, just so I could finish the story.

Personally I agree with you on an artistic scale, I didn't expect this to get so much praise, but it is a beautiful story nonetheless. Let the viewers enjoy what they would like to enjoy my friend.



Sorta cute, but poorly animated, very predictable, and WAY too long. Started watching, got bored, took a nap, ate a ham and cheese sandwich, and made it back in time for the stunning conclusion.

And if anybody feels like whining about how people these days vote badly on animations unless they have blood and gore, please refrain from typing a self-righteous essay on the degradation of the taste of the Newgrounds audience.

I would like to suggest a shorter remake, with greater animation quality. The music was very fitting, and the font was interesting. But I don't watch animations for the font.

A stunning 2 stars will be awarded to you from me. Better luck next time. Or skill.

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Lotsa Fun

Favourite move has to be the one with the old man's beard. Made me laugh.

Least favourite was the shovel one.

Overall, I liked watching the spartan get his ass handed to him. Not because I don't like 'em, but just cuz it was cool. It coulda been anybody, right?


I wish I could say something about the actual gameplay, but I didn't get that far... The primary fire button (left click, am i right?) didn't work and I was left with only my trusty missiles, which, unfortunately, failed miserably at killing the multitudes of enemies seeing as I only had a few shots to begin with. From what I did see, it looked to me like yet another space invaders remake. Not necessarily a BAD thing, just not a NEW thing.

I'll give you a five... I'm not sure why.


well snake is SO common, but this one's alright because the tail segments grow faster, and I don't have to wait forever for my measly tail :P

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Wait, what?

Hey.. is it just me or is the rating for this submission more than 5? How did that happen?

But great drawing.


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